Performing at “JAPAN! culture + hyperculture” festival

Koji Kakinuma will perform at the Millenium Stage in the Kennedy Center, Washington DC as part of “JAPAN! culture + hyperculture festival”.
The Kennedy Center has broadcast the Millennium Stage performances live on the web. And it also broadcast performance archives.

Performance “Trancework – the world of BAKE-MOJI”
Feb.12,2008 (Tue) 6:00pm-7:00pm
at Kennedy Center : Millennium Stage
(part of “JAPAN! culture + hyperculture” festival)

Japanese calligraphy (Shodo) is a formative art that takes as its subject the written word. Throughout history, the Japanese have not only practiced the physical act of writing, they have found artistry in it – hereby creating the art of Shodo. However, with the spread of personal computers and the idea that everything in life must be quick and efficient, the cultural traditions of Shodo is on the brink of decline.

In this age of artistic decay, Koji Kakinuma has revolutionized the world of Shodo. Kakinuma’s works make a clear break from the traditional styles of old-fashioned Shodo calligraphers, sublimating Shodo into modern art. It is this revolutionary approach that has brought him acclaim both at home and abroad.

Shodo is a unique art form that embodies both the graphic aspect of painting and the temporal aspect of music. One of Kakinuma’s specialties is a performance in which he executes a work of Shodo in concert with musicians. He has experimented various kinds of performance – from traditional to avant-garde, from figurative to abstract, from small pieces to monumental works. At Millennium Stage, Kakinuma presents an epoch-making Shodo performance with two improvisational musicians – Kaoru Watanabe (Japanese fue flute) and Tatsuya Nakatani (contemporary percussion). Using a byobu (Japanese folding screen), Kakinuma plays “the world of Bake-Moji,” the metamorphosis of simple characters into a work of abstract art. Kakinuma also presents one of his trademark innovations Trancework, in which he paints countless repetitions of a simple, powerful phrase as he falls deeper and deeper into a trance.

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performance highlights & interview(youtube)

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
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Washington, DC 20566
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