Performace: TYGERS


East Asian Studies Department Presents
A performance by Visiting Research Calligrapher and Artist
Koji Kakinuma Performing: Tygers

Exhibiting the Japanese art of Shodo, Mr. Kakinuma createa banner measuring 65 feet by 20 feet with brushes the size of mops, weight 100lb at the maximum with Sumi ink.
Accompanied by musician Mr. Kaoru Watanabe, a former member of KODO, playing the fue and taiko.

Date & Time: December 9, 2006 12:00Noon
Location: Frist Lawn
Rain Location: Carl A Fields Center, Liberation Hall, 86 Olden Street, Princeton

The Banner(Semi Cursive Kanzi Script”Tiger”) is now exhibiting(from Dec. 22) at Frist Campus Center.

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